Fiberglass Boat Repair Kits

The story...

For years, readers have asked me to help them get the materials they need to repair their boats.  At one point, I even offered "Fiberglass Boat Repair Kits" for sale. 

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What I quickly found is that every repair is different!  In most cases, a "kit", while easy to purchase, often doesn't provide everything you will need and DOES provide some things that you don't. 

I struggled with knowing that I was selling something that didn't meet the EXACT needs of my customers.  Eventually, I discontinued my line of repair kits.

However, this still left me with the problem of readers who had unmet needs -- the still were having trouble with sourcing quality fiberglass boat repair materials.

What I have decided to do instead, is to give some guidelines and recommendations on materials that can easily be ordered "al la carte" from a trusted online source.  Only buy the materials that YOU need for YOUR particular situation.

When deciding on a source for materials, I considered several options.  I have dealt extensively with several "brick-and-mortar" businesses that provide outstanding service and will ship their products via telephone orders.  I decided against them because I want the purchasing process to be smooth and seamless for my ONLINE readers.  I also wanted to provide a "One-Stop-Shop".  I didn't want my readers to get their resin from one retailer and then have to get their fiberglass cloth from another source

I wanted to utilize a company that makes online sales a priority -- Amazon.  Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail.  Amazon goes through great pains to ensure that the online shopping experience of its customers is EXCELLENT.  It has a wide reach, excellent shipping prices and choices.  It also places customer satisfaction above all else, and provides liberal return policies. 

In short, Amazon treats its customers the way I want my readers to be treated.

To help narrow down the ocean of options available, I have set up a Fiberglass Boat Repair Store in the Products page of this site.  It contains some of the materials that are likely to be needed in fiberglass boat repair projects of all sorts. 

Pick the products that you think you'll need and add them to your shopping cart.  Amazon will make sure that you get the products in time and at a reasonable cost!