Fiberglass Boat Repair Kits

The story...

For years, readers have asked me to help them get the materials they need to repair their boats.  At one point, I even offered "Fiberglass Boat Repair Kits" for sale. 

What I quickly found is that every repair is different!  In most cases, a "kit", while easy to purchase, often doesn't provide everything you will need and DOES provide some things that you don't. 

I struggled with knowing that I was selling something that didn't meet the EXACT needs of my customers.  Eventually, I discontinued my line of repair kits.

However, this still left me with the problem of readers who had unmet needs -- the still were having trouble with sourcing quality fiberglass boat repair materials.

What I have decided to do instead, is to give some guidelines and recommendations on materials that can easily be ordered "al la carte" from a trusted online source.  Only buy the materials that YOU need for YOUR particular situation.

When deciding on a source for materials, I considered several options.  I have dealt extensively with several "brick-and-mortar" businesses that provide outstanding service and will ship their products via telephone orders.  I decided against them because I want the purchasing process to be smooth and seamless for my ONLINE readers.  I also wanted to provide a "One-Stop-Shop".  I didn't want my readers to get their resin from one retailer and then have to get their fiberglass cloth from another source

I wanted to utilize a company that makes online sales a priority -- Amazon.  Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail.  Amazon goes through great pains to ensure that the online shopping experience of its customers is EXCELLENT.  It has a wide reach, excellent shipping prices and choices.  It also places customer satisfaction above all else, and provides liberal return policies. 

In short, Amazon treats its customers the way I want my readers to be treated.

Throughout the site, I have included Amazon links to products that are relevant to the subjects at hand.  Additionally, I created a Products page, which features a "Product of the Week." 

OK - Confession:  I often leave a product up for more than a week!

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