What fiberglass tools do you REALLY need?

Depending on the damage, the fiberglass tools that you need may be minimal or extensive.

OK. Here we go! I admit it - I LOVE getting new tools. (My wife can attest to that) I'll just bet that you like getting new tools too.

Since you're going to save BIG $$ by doing your own repair on your boat, you will be able to justify spending BIG $$ on the tools to complete the job - right?


You probably already have most of the tools that you'll need for a small to medium sized repair.

Don't get me wrong, and don't be discouraged - you can still get some neat stuff along the way.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
Air Compressor
Measuring Cups
Resin Brushes
Buffers and Polishers
Rags for Clean-Up

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