Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are essential for mixing two-part resins admixes, gel-coats, and paints, which requires precise measurement of liquids and powders. Also, these liquids and powders are difficult to clean up.

A good supply of disposable, or nearly disposable cups is key to consistent mixing and good results.

Your local hardware store or home-improvement center is certain to have a variety of mixing cups and buckets in the paint department. Choose see-through plastic mixing cups in 1 quart size. These things are usually less than a dollar each. Get a bunch of 'em!

When doing multiple lay-ups of resin, use 1 cup per lay-up. Pour out the leftover resin and set the cup aside. Use a different cup for the next lay-up and repeat the process. When the resin fully cures, roll the cup between your hands to separate the resin from the plastic. Now the cup is ready for re-use! This works best for fully-cured resin - hence the multiple cups.

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