One Part Paint



One part paint is considered to be the easiest-to-apply finish to fiberglass boat repairs. New chemical advances have made these products more durable than in the past.

They are generally very forgiving in application, and can be used by people of various skill-levels. It is common for these products to be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto boat repairs.

The best results can be accomplished by spraying, but this method requires the most skill. Without sufficient experience and practice, finishes can exhibit "orange-peel" and "fish-eyes". Unlike gel-coat, the final finish is evident as soon as paint dries.

For large areas, rolling is the preferred amateur method. Excellent results can be achieved with care and a high-quality foam roller. Near-sprayed results can be seen by following the roller with a "tipping" brush to remove the texture.

For smaller areas, the good-ole paintbrush works wonders. This is the easiest method of application, but often leaves "brush strokes" in the final finish. Proper thinning and a quality brush can minimize this effect.

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