Oxidation happens over time to all fiberglass boats. It is the powdery look that older boats show. It also makes gel-coat colors loose their shine.

Its appearance can be prevented (or at least stalled) by keeping a good coat of quality wax on your boat's hull. Once it begins, it will continue until it is removed.

The best way to remove the dull and chalky build-up from hulls is to buff it out with a low-speed buffer and suitable compound.

Depending on the level of chalkiness, start out with a "medium cut" polish (equivalent to 1500 to 2000 grit) and gently work on an area about several square feet.

Be sure to keep the buffer moving.

Move on to another area until the hull has been completed.

Wash the hull with soap and water.

Apply a coat of quality wax to protect your new shine!

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