Two Part Paint



Two part paint provides a much stronger finish than its non-mixed counterparts. It is made up of a color mixture and a catalyst, much like gel-coat. Unlike gel-coat, this paint dries when in contact with air, and needs no PVA or additional additive.

This paint is extremely difficult to use and very unforgiving for novices. The most common types must be sprayed on, but newer formulas allow brushing and rolling.

This stuff is also EXPENSIVE!. Hundreds of dollars per gallon. The high price makes mistakes very costly.

These products give off DANGEROUS fumes that can literally KILL YOU. As a result, most major manufacturers will not even sell their products to diy-ers. Leave this stuff to the pros!

If you have considered your options and feel strongly that a two-part paint is right for your project. I strongly suggest that you complete your repairs and then find a reputable paint shop to apply the final coating. Talk with the folks at the shop and find out what prep work you can do! It will save you big bucks!

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